Winter is in full swing here in the Hamptons and if you haven’t yet made your winter home checklist to protect your home in winter, now is the time! Doing some simple winter home preparation can keep your home safer and make returning to your home in the spring that much easier.

You can use this winter home checklist to get started with home preparation for winter on your own, or to make sure you find the best winter home services in your area, such as Hamptons home watching services or Hamptons property management services.

Winter Home Checklist

Winterizing a vacation home doesn’t have to be hard, although it can feel like a challenge especially when it’s already freezing outside! Whether you’re preparing a vacation home for winter or you’re just looking to keep your primary residence safer this winter, this winter home preparation checklist can help.

Add shoveling to your winter home checklist for Hamptons winter home preparation

Keep Pathways Clear

Whether you’re utilizing home watching services for a vacation home or Hamptons house cleaning services for your primary residence, it’s important to keep a clear and safe pathway to ensure your home is accessible. Keeping up with this maintenance as part of your winter home checklist also keeps delivery drivers safer and shows the house is not vacant, which can deter trespassers. If you need assistance with snow-shoveling and sanding and salting of walkways and entranceways, A Votre Service offers these services as part of our Hamptons property management offerings.

Prepare For Heavy Snow

In addition to keeping pathways clear, if a big snowstorm is coming it’s important to add snow preparation to your winter home checklist. If you’re living in your Hamptons home during the winter, make sure that you’re ready to clear heavy snow with a strong shovel or snowblower. Or, plan in advance to book plowing services. This can be especially helpful if you have a large driveway! Don’t forget to stake your property in advance, including marking your gas, oil and septic tanks! Need Hamptons slow plowing help? We can recommend two private contractors.

Prepare Your Home for Power Outages

With heavy snow and freezing ice comes power outages. Focusing some of your winter home preparation work on planning for power outages is an important part of a winter home checklist. Winterizing your water pipes is an important part of this process, particularly if you won’t be living in your Hamptons home during the winter months. Insulate any exposed water pipes in spaces like a crawlspace, attic or exterior walls. Turn off water supply to any exterior faucets such as a hose hook-up. If you’re leaving for months, be sure to shut off the water supply to the entire home and drain your plumbing system to prevent freezing pipes and major leaks.

Your winter home checklist can help prevent frozen pipes and major damage

Seal Doors and Windows and Check Insulation

Focusing on keeping cold air out is a must for your winter home checklist. While this is ideally done in the fall, it’s never too late to keep winter air from getting into your home. You can do this winter home preparation yourself or book Hamptons handyman services to help. To protect your home in winter, you’ll want to inspect the outside moldings of windows and doors for damaged or missing caulking and seal any gaps you find. You’ll also want to check windows and doors for air leaks. If you find leaks, covering windows with plastic can seal them and keep cold air out. Rope caulk can also be used to seal air leaks along windows and doors and keep your home warmer all winter long.

Consider Home Watching Services

If you’re closing up a vacation home for the winter months in the Hamptons, house watching services are an important addition to your winter home checklist. Adding house watching services at least weekly ensures that if there is a problem with your home, it is caught and repaired quickly, reducing overall damage to your property. House watching companies will conduct internal and external checks of your home and look for issues like:

  • Leaks
  • Running out of oil
  • Frozen pipes
  • Boiler equipment issues
  • Unwelcome pests or critters
  • Fallen branches or wires

Check Off Your Winter Home Checklist

Ready to check off all the items on your winter home checklist? While you can certainly go it alone, you don’t have to! Reach out to A Votre Service for Hamptons handyman services, Hamptons cleaning services and Hamptons house watching services and make your winter home preparation simple.

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Add snow plowing to your winter home checklist for Hamptons winter home preparations