Hamptons House Watching Services

Our Hamptons house watching service will put your mind at ease.

Savvy homeowners know to anticipate the unexpected. Let us help during the off-season. We’re also here whenever you are away for an extended period. In any kind of weather, and in any season, you can count on us. We will make do our best to ensure that your property stays secure, and we will do what is needed.

Why Use AVS Hamptons House Watching Services?
Hamptons house watching is invaluable. Especially during the winter months, much can happen. This includes leaks, running out of oil, frozen pipes, boiler equipment issues, and unwelcomed pests or critters. Because of this, we are your eyes and ears when you are away from home.

Hamptons House Watching Services

There are many scenarios that can lead to major issues. Our house watchers check both the interior and exterior. Not only do they report any concerns immediately, but they are also proactive as necessary.

We always remain in close communication with homeowners. Should any concerns arise, we keep you informed. You can rest assured knowing that we will be your eyes and ears in your absence.

We suggest a minimum of a weekly visit. Following a big storm, power outage, or deep freeze, daily visits are automatic. Our Hamptons House Watching Service is available from Hampton Bays to Southampton to Montauk.

Hamptons House Watching Services Condensed Checklist:

  • Thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior for any issues
  • Check security system
  • Look closely for insects and pests
  • Observe for signs of any water damage or leaks
  • Check chimneys for infestation and to ensure flue is closed
  • Inspect all interior/exterior taps, faucets, sinks, toilets, etc.
  • Ensure correct operation of heating system (temperature 55°F–60°F)
  • Inspect drains and gutters
  • Bring mail and packages inside
  • Ensure functioning of all timer-activated lights, sensors, etc.
  • Replace batteries or bulbs
  • Check and report on fuel levels for heating systems