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East Quogue

The history of the hamlet of East Quogue (founded in 1673 as Fourth Neck, the name changed on January 12, 1858 to Atlanticville and finally to East Quogue on March 25, 1891) can be traced in the houses built by its founders and later settlers, many of which continue to grace the community.

The Long Island Rail Road was extended through Atlanticville in the 1880s, bringing summer and winter visitors and triggering the start of the Boarding House Era. By 1885 the population had increased to 267 and in 1891 Atlanticville became East Quogue.

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Lured by cooler temperatures and easy access to glistening white-sand beaches, people have flocked to Quogue in the summer months since 1835. Quogue was the second overnight stagecoach stop on the three-day journey from Brooklyn to Southampton. In 1870, direct rail service to Quogue brought even more summer visitors, and by 1880, Quogue was a bustling summer resort. By the end of the century, as Quogue’s popularity continued to grow, many families that had summered at its boarding houses and hotels began to build one-family homes—in the now iconic shingle-style—planting lawns, hedges, and shade trees, and transforming Quogue into the charming village we know today.