Errands and Accommodating Services

At A Votre Service, our mission is to make your life free of concerns by assisting with errands and accommodating services to help you manage your home. We can shop, stock refrigerators, meet and greet service providers, turn the heat or air-conditioning on or off, or do any other chores you might need to make your Hamptons stay more enjoyable.

There is no service related to your home that we cannot assist you with, large or small. Give our errands and accommodating services a try today! And should you need additional services, from house cleaning to home organization to property management, please let us know!

Please call if you need help with any of these errands and accommodating services:

  • Pick up and forward your mail
  • Shop for groceries, beverages, linens, flowers, etc.
  • Stock your refrigerator, arrange flowers, etc.
  • Meet and greet your service providers
  • Care for your plants
  • Turn on or off your heat or A/C
  • Pet-sit your dog or cat
  • Drop off and/or pick up your dry cleaning
  • Gift wrap your holiday presents or assemble toys, furniture, etc.
  • Do kitchen prep work and party service and cleanup