House Cleaning Services in East Hampton and Sagaponack

East Hampton

While East Hampton is considered almost exclusively a residential community, it has been the home of United States Navy, United States Army, and United States Air Force bases, the last of which closed in the 1980s. Today many landscapes, open spaces, and neighborhoods give the village its historic character. The Main Street core and many outlying properties are reminders of East Hampton’s first 250 years as an agrarian community. Certain landscapes recall the picturesque beauty of nineteenth century East Hampton, which inspired the visiting artists who promoted the village as a summer retreat. Through the years East Hampton’s wealth has evolved, emanating from the core of the village throughout the farmland that had once been dominated by potato fields. The most dazzling row of mansions remains in the village of East Hampton on the closest road paralleling the ocean along Further Lane and Lily Pond Lane.

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The name Sagaponack comes from the Shinnecock Indian Nation word for “land of the big ground nuts,” in reference to the Ground Nut (Apios americana). A common misconception is that the name referred to potatoes, which were farmed until late in the twentieth century. Sagaponack is generally considered to be the most expensive neighborhood in the Hamptons as well as in the United States as a whole, generally ranking in the top spot. Forbes ranked Sagaponack as the second most expensive zip code in the United States in 2014 and 2015.