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If you’re looking to get some odd jobs done around the house and need a variety of small repairs, hiring a handyman could be a good option. But if you find yourself wondering, “what does a handyman do?”, then this handyman services list is for you!

When it comes to hiring a handyman, no job is too big or too small. Handyman services lists include a wide variety of projects inside and outside a home, from carpentry and small machine repair to basement clean-ups and attic organization.

If you’re thinking about hiring a Hamptons handyman or are looking for local handyman services in your area, read the rest of this post to better understand exactly what a handyman is and what they can do for you.

Handyman vs. Contractor

One of the most common questions we get from people asking for a handyman services list, is the difference between a handyman vs contractor.

The biggest difference between a handyman and a contractor is typically their credentials and the types of jobs they perform. In most states there is no licensing or certification requirement to work as a handyman. Instead, a diverse skill set is required to succeed. A contractor on the other hand typically must go through a licensing process, which varies from state to state.

Another difference between handyman vs contractor is the types of jobs they take on. While many homeowners will call a contractor when they’re ready to begin one large project that will require a team of workers – such as a home renovation or construction project – they may look for nearby handyman services if they have a list of small home projects and repairs.

A handyman drilling into a cabinet - a common service on a handyman services list

Handyman Services List

So now that you know what a handyman is – what is on a handyman services list, and can they help you with your home projects? 

When it comes to a handyman services list, some of the common handyman jobs include:

  • Skilled carpentry work and repairs: 
  • Touch-up work and paint projects:
  • Hanging and aligning picture frames, mirrors, shelves, etc
  • Fixing door knobs and hinges
  • Power washing
  • Attic, basement and garage cleanup and organization
  • Home improvement projects
  • Fall and spring preparation
  • Deck maintenance and more

You could hire a handyman for just one of these projects, or to take care of a variety of home projects at one time. 

How Much Does a Handyman Cost?

Rates for handyman services vary significantly from handyman to handyman and from place to place. While a handyman in a high demand service area like a large city may charge a high rate for items on a handyman services list, handyman services in a smaller town may cost less.

The average cost of handyman services can vary in other ways, too. Some handyman services are charged by an hourly fee. Other handyman services may charge a project-based fee that varies depending on the type of job being performed.

When researching local handyman services, be sure to compare prices and ask potential workers about how they track their hours and charge for their services.

A man doing carpentry work as part of handyman services list

How to Find The Best Local Handyman Services

If you’re ready to hire a handyman to help you with projects around your home, you have a few options when it comes to actually hiring a handyman service.

One of the common ways to find nearby handyman services today is through a handyman services app, such as Thumbtack or Task Rabbit. Both of these allow you to find handyman services and other home services within your local area.

Of course, there are drawbacks to hiring a handyman from a handyman services app. For one, you typically don’t get much opportunity to actually speak to the handyman ahead of your project or ask questions about their qualifications.

Another way to hire a handyman is to find a local handyman services company, which typically has a team of experienced handyman professionals who can assist with your small jobs. These companies are often a great way to book handyman services in our area, but do come with their limitations and may only perform certain kinds of handyman services.

A third option is to work with a property management company. Property management companies typically offer a variety of services for the home, including handyman services, house cleaning services, property maintenance services and more.

If you’re looking for handyman services in The Hamptons, for example, A Votre Service offers these services as part of our overall property maintenance work. 

When you work with a property management company, you get the benefit of having a broad range of services available to assist with a project. If a carpentry project results in major clean-up needed, for example, you don’t need to find another company to help with the mess.

Ready to learn more about handyman services? Contact A Votre Service today to learn more.