Over the Moon

By | July 15th, 2015|A Votre Service! Hamptons Blog|

I think I can say that this month is most certainly an interesting moon month. First, July 20 is the anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon. It’s also a blue moon month: by the modern definition that’s any time there are two full moons in a single calendar month (for July 2015, July [...]

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Independence Days

By | July 1st, 2015|A Votre Service! Hamptons Blog|

In honor of the independence days of the US and France I thought a little comparison chart would be helpful: United States France what Independence Day Bastille Day when July 4, 1776 July 14, 1789 sport baseball waiter races; pétanque food hot dogs, hamburgers Brie, crêpes, baguette beverage beer Champagne dessert apple pie Napoleons (mille-feuille) [...]

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