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The staff at A Votre Service! is qualified to help you with your move-in. They will unpack, wash new kitchenware and linens, organize cabinets and closets, make beds etc. They will make the house ready for you to arrive, put your suitcase down and relax! If you wish to discuss your particular needs with A [...]

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Post-Renovation Cleanup

By | June 27th, 2014|A Votre Service! Hamptons Blog|

Has the contractor kept his promise and is your house move-in ready? If yes, call on us to do the post-renovation cleanup. We will clean the house, sparing no details and making sure that none of the residual dust generated by the renovation or home project is left behind. We will clean all the nooks [...]

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Window Cleaning

By | June 26th, 2014|A Votre Service! Hamptons Blog|

The team is busy cleaning windows all over the Hamptons. Have you had your windows cleaned yet? If not, call A Votre Service. Over the years, our window team has been known to give excellent quality service. They have the trust of our clientele who repeatedly use their service year after year. Call us at [...]

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School Is Over!

By | June 25th, 2014|A Votre Service! Hamptons Blog|

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter coming to the Hamptons this summer for a long or short stay, we are here to assist with any and all of your domestic needs. The Hamptons season gets very busy and to help us provide you with the best service possible during your stay, please let [...]

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By | June 21st, 2014|A Votre Service! Hamptons Blog|

Finally summer is here and now starts the season of sun and fun! Doors and windows open and this is the time to clean and set-up the pool and patio furniture, power wash decks, clean-up gardens, make sure grill is clean and working, and more. It is the time to call the handyman! At A [...]

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