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There’s just something about spring that makes homeowners want to throw open the windows, let the sunshine in and welcome a new season. Of course, spring also brings the dreaded spring cleaning checklist. But don’t stress! With these spring cleaning hacks, 2022 is your year for faster, easier cleaning.

While having a clean home feels great, getting your home clean isn’t always easy. Whether you’ve been letting cleaning take a backseat this winter or you just want to give your home a top-to-bottom deep scrub, spring cleaning can be overwhelming.

If you’re ready for easier, less-stress spring cleaning tips and tricks, then keep reading for our best ideas.

Why Spring Cleaning Is Important

Before we start exploring our “Spring Cleaning Hacks 2022” list, it’s helpful to put into context why we focus on spring cleaning in the first place. 

For many, it’s probably just a tradition instilled as children, when our parents would use the changing of seasons to give our home a reset. For others, spring cleaning might be part of opening up a vacation home after a winter away.

But no matter why you choose to do some spring cleaning, the process comes with many benefits. Spring cleaning helps keep your home in top condition, of course, and helps ensure that even the areas of your home that may not get a daily or weekly clean are taken care of and maintained throughout the year.

Spring cleaning has human benefits, too. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a freshly decluttered space or a deep cleaned room. Freeing up space in your home can free up space in your mind and give you space to enter into the new season with less stress.

Do all of these spring cleaning benefits sound good? Then let’s dive into our spring cleaning hacks.

How to Spring Clean a House: The Best Spring Cleaning Hacks for 2022

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Have some spring cleaning hacks of your own? Share them in the comments section of this post!

Use a handheld vacuum to clean your fridge.

Have you ever started wiping down the inside of your fridge only to find the shelves cluttered with crumbs? Trying to brush or wipe crumbs out of the fridge can be so frustrating! Especially if your fridge has grooves and crevices that are hard to reach with a cloth.

Make cleaning your fridge easier by using a handheld vacuum or vacuum attachment and suck those crumbs up fast! This one simple spring cleaning hack will make cleaning your fridge so much easier. Want it to be even easier? Once it’s clean, put silicone mats down on top of the shelves, so only the mats get dirty going forward. Then, simply remove, rinse and replace!

Clean your microwave in minutes.

Facing a microwave caked with food residue and splatters from all those winter soups? Make clean-up easy by placing half a lemon in the center of your microwave and heating on high for 1 minute. Then, simply wipe away the food and other grime with a microfiber cloth. This just may become one of your favorite spring cleaning hacks.

a hand wipes soapy water on a window with a sponge while using spring cleaning hacks

Get rid of hard water stains for good.

There’s nothing worse than a toilet bowl stain. And if you’re facing a stain that just won’t budge no matter what cleaner you try, it might be time to break out a pumice stone cleaning tool! Many times, tough-to-clean toilet stains are a build-up of hard water or calcium deposits. A pumice cleaning stone can gently scrape the stains away, without damaging your toilet.

Clean your showerhead with ease

Stop wasting time trying to reach up to scrub and clean your shower head. Get a better (and easier) clean by soaking your shower head in a plastic bag with vinegar and baking soda. Let it soak for a few hours before removing, rinsing and wiping with a microfiber cloth.

Remove dust from soft surfaces. 

Have you ever tried to use a duster on a lampshade? How about window treatments? If so, then you probably learned the hard way it doesn’t always work that well. This tip is one of our favorite spring cleaning hacks: use a lint roller to remove dust! Simply roll it over the surface of a lampshade, window treatment, pillow and even furniture to remove dust and other debris.

Make your cooktop sparkle

If you have a glass cooktop, then you probably know just how hard it is to keep it clean. Let a pot of pasta boil over one time and you’re stuck with a cooked-on stain for life, it seems. If this sounds like your kitchen, this spring cleaning tip is for you! Add some Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to the cooktop and scrub it around with a small brush. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Remove (even old) ink stains from any surface

If you have kids, then you probably have some marks and even full drawings on your walls, floors and furniture. If they’re done in pen or permanent marker, you may think you have to live with them (or repaint the entire house), but there’s an easy solution: hand sanitizer! Simply put some hand sanitizer on your cloth or your fingers, apply it to the stain and watch as it immediately begins to lift even the most stubborn stains away. Then simply wipe clean.

Supercharge your dusting

There are not many people who actually enjoy dusting. If you want to do it less often, then this may be your favorite of our spring cleaning hacks. Instead of using a traditional duster, try a dryer sheet. Not only will the dryer sheet remove dust, it will also help repel new dust from settling on your furniture and baseboards.

Clean ceiling fans more easily.

Speaking of dust…try using a pillowcase to make cleaning your ceiling fans a cinch. Simply place the pillowcase over a blade of the fan, close it around the blade and then wipe – keeping all the removed dust inside the pillowcase!

Get your windows truly clean.

The first time you open your windows up after a long winter, you might be shocked to see just how much dirt and grime has settled into the window tracks and inner windowsill. With so many small spaces, it can be hard to get this area truly clean. Make it easier by using a toothbrush and Q Tip to scrub in those hard-to-reach places.

a bottle of green cleaning solution sits on a counter next to a sink, ready for spring cleaning hacks

Get Started with Spring Cleaning Hacks

Ready to tackle your spring cleaning tasks? Add these spring cleaning hacks to our room-by-room spring cleaning guide for the ultimate springtime home to-do list.

Still overwhelmed? Don’t be afraid to hire a professional cleaning service. You’ll get a sparkling clean house – without the time and stress of doing it yourself. 

If you’re in the Hamptons, then contact A Votre Service for information about our deep cleaning services and discover all the ways we can help you make (and keep) home beautiful.