Spring Cleaning List for homeowners


Spring is a time of new beginnings. Leaves start to grow, flowers begin to bloom and Mother Nature wakes up after a long, cold winter. Another thing that can start this time of year? Your spring cleaning list!


Just like spring is a time of reawakening for nature, it can be the perfect time to start fresh with your home and property, too. Whether you just want to hit reset after a long winter at home or you’re preparing to open your vacation home after a few months away, this spring cleaning checklist will ensure your space is clean, organized and ready for the warmer months ahead.


Keep reading for our best spring cleaning tips for every room of your house (and the outside of your home too!) from the experts in Hamptons cleaning services.


Spring Cleaning List Room by Room

If you’re ready to start checking off your spring cleaning list, this is the guide you need. Follow along and go room by room to give your home the fresh start it needs this season.


Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist


One of our best spring cleaning tips: start outside! After all, it’s the outdoors that got impacted the most by the cold winter months and it’s likely the outdoors that you’re most looking forward to spending time in again! 


Kick off your spring cleaning list with these important tasks:


Clean your windows: Clean off the residue of melting snow and ice and ensure that spring sunlight can shine into your home by giving your windows a proper cleaning – inside and out.


Clean your gutters: While we often think of gutter cleaning as a fall home maintenance activity, it’s just as important during spring cleaning. Over the winter, pinecones, leaves, branches and more could have fallen with the snow and clogged your gutters.


Give your yard a clean-up: Spring is an important time for grass growth. Help ensure your lawn is able to grow to its full potential by clearing away any fallen debris as part of your spring cleaning list. Pick up leaves, pine cones, sticks and more – but don’t use any heavy machinery or start mowing until the grass has started to green up and truly grow.


A woman dusts, tackling her Spring Cleaning List Room by Room


General Home Areas Spring Cleaning List

Now it’s time to move inside your home and start clearing those cobwebs (metaphorically and literally!). We’ll give you a room by room spring cleaning list below, but let’s start by looking at general cleaning you can do throughout all areas of your home.


Clean floors and baseboards: While you’ve likely had your floors cleaned throughout the winter months, spring cleaning is the perfect time to give them a truly thorough cleaning – including the baseboards. Vacuum in tight corners, remove any scuff marks and polish hardwood floors.


Vacuum, shampoo and deodorize carpets: While you’re cleaning your floors, don’t overlook the carpets! Add shampooing and deodorizing to your spring cleaning list for a home that smells and looks fresh and clean.


Clean curtains and blinds: Dust your blinds and vacuum your curtains to help reduce that winter dust accumulation and make your windows feel even brighter this spring. Don’t forget to dust curtain rods, too!


Check lights & safety devices: Add this to your checklist for spring cleaning! Spring is the perfect time to check lightbulbs, clean air vents and check batteries in all your key safety equipment. It’s also a good time to actually test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.


Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you’re like many others, much of your daily life and time entertaining is spent in the kitchen. As a result, the kitchen is a place that gets plenty messy! And while regular daily cleaning of your kitchen is important, it’s still easy to overlook some kitchen deep cleaning needs. 


These are some great items to add to your kitchen spring cleaning list:


Deep clean the fridge and freezer: Take all your food out, check expiration dates and toss anything that you no longer need (like that salad dressing you’ve had for the last year!). Once you’ve organized, be sure to deep clean all surfaces of your fridge and freezer.


Clean your stove, oven and microwave: These are all places where sneaky messes can pile up while cooking. Add them to your spring cleaning checklist for a kitchen that is more enjoyable to cook and spend time in.


Organize and clean cabinets and pantries: Spring cleaning is a great time to not just clean your space, but organize it too. Pull everything out of your kitchen cabinets and pantry spaces to declutter and organize. Don’t forget to wipe down your cabinets and shelves while you’re at it!


A man cleans a counter while tackling his Spring Cleaning List in the Kitchen


Bathroom Spring Cleaning List

A bathroom is typically one of the most often cleaned areas of a home, but even these spaces can have messes and clutter build up. Add bathroom deep cleaning and organization to your checklist for spring cleaning for a fresh start.


Go through all toiletries, toss and organize: Do you really need that mascara you’ve had since 2018? Probably not. Go through all your toiletries and beauty products and toss any that are expired or past their prime. Organize the ones you have left. Give items like makeup brushes a proper cleaning as well.


Deep clean shower and tub: In addition to your regular shower and tub cleaning practices, make sure to clear and clean all drains and clean your shower head as well for better waterflow.


Clean air and fan vents: Bathrooms are a common place to have fans and air vents. Be sure to dust or vacuum those vents for cleaner – and more effective – air flow in your bathroom.


Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

We all sleep a little easier in a bedroom that’s clean and organized! Don’t overlook these important spaces when creating your spring cleaning list this year.


Flip your mattress: This is a commonly overlooked activity that’s perfect for adding to your spring cleaning routine! Flip your mattress to extend its life – and your comfort.


Clean all bedding: While changing your sheets and pillowcases is a must-do, many of us fail to clean our pillows, comforters, duvets and bedskirts. Clean all of these bedding items during spring cleaning for the ultimate bedroom cleaning checklist.


Clear out closets: Don’t just switch over your clothes from winter to spring, actually go through them and decide what you no longer need. Look for items that don’t fit, no longer work with your personal style or are damaged in any way. Donate items that are in good condition and organize what’s left for a cleaner bedroom space.


A woman vacuums while tackling her Spring Cleaning List Room by Room


Need Help with Spring Cleaning?

This spring cleaning list is a great way to give your home and property a refresh as the weather starts to get warmer. But completing all of these items can be overwhelming! Hiring a home cleaning service or property management company is a great way to check items off your spring cleaning checklist more quickly.


If you’re looking for Hamptons cleaning services for your spring cleaning needs, be sure to contact A Votre Service today. Our Hamptons house cleaning services, property management services and handyman services will ensure even your toughest spring cleaning tasks get completed expertly and efficiently. There’s a reason we were named 2020’s Best of the Best Property Management, House Watching and House Cleaning Service in The Hamptons by Dan’s Papers.