Switching to non toxic cleaning products is one of the best new year's resolutions for your home

When a new year rolls around, it’s natural to start thinking about the ways you want to improve yourself or your life. But this year, instead of setting yet another weight loss goal, consider making some New Year’s resolutions for your home!

The space in which you live has a much bigger impact on your life than you might realize. Especially these days with more people working remotely and spending the holidays at home, our living spaces are increasingly important.

So in 2022, let’s put our attention toward making our home exactly what we want it to be. Use these 22 practical (and simple!) ideas for New Year’s home resolutions to get started.

22 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home You’ll Actually Want to Work On

1. Create a cleaning schedule.

One of the best ways to beat home overwhelm is to stay on top of cleaning and organization. If you get to the end of the week feeling like your home has been completely destroyed, then creating a cleaning schedule could be a great New Year’s resolution for your home. Break up cleaning tasks into small daily activities and watch as your home care becomes a whole lot easier. (And if this still feels too complicated, then consider outsourcing to a cleaning service!)

2. Make small fixes.

We all have that one broken window or missing door knob that ends up sticking around way too long. After all, we’re all so busy! Making small fixes that don’t have a huge impact on our lives often falls to the back burner. This year, make a New Year’s resolution for your home to stay on top of small fixes and keep your home in tip top shape. One of the easiest ways to do this? Hire a handyman to help you out!

3. Clean your gutters.

No one likes to clean their gutters. It’s just not a fun activity! But it’s important to the health of your roof and your home overall. So this year, make keeping up with gutter cleaning one of your top New Year’s resolutions for your home. Make it fun by listening to a podcast or audiobook while you’re working, or outsource your gutter cleaning completely and spend your time on other tasks.

Cleaning your gutters is one of the best New Year's resolutions for your home

4. Clean windows regularly.

Cleaning windows is another one of those home tasks that always seems to end up at the bottom of the never-ending home to-do list. But in 2022, make a resolution to clean your windows before it becomes impossible to see out of them. Make it a monthly task and get it done.

5. Clean your fridge.

Has your salad dressing been around since 2020? Did your ketchup expire in 2021? Take some time to go through the contents of your fridge and freezer and clear out anything old, expired or that you don’t actually need. Once you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t need, give the inside of your fridge a deep cleaning.

6. Clean your oven.

Remember that time the lasagna overflowed and you told yourself you were totally going to clean that up? Yeah, that was three months ago. Clean your oven! And then make it a regular part of your cleaning schedule. Hate this idea? Then consider investing in deep cleaning services from a local cleaning company.

7. Clear out clutter.

Getting rid of clutter is one of the best ways to make your home feel more peaceful. Not only can reducing clutter significantly cut down on your overall time spent cleaning, it also creates a living space that is nicer to spend time in. Start by clearing out anything you don’t actually use regularly. Old books, unused toys, old papers and mail and decor you never display are some good places to start. 

8. Reduce your clothing and shoes.

While you’re clearing out clutter, don’t forget to focus on your clothes and shoes too. This is one of the best New Year’s resolutions for your home – especially if you’re feeling cramped or overwhelmed. You don’t need another closet, you need fewer things to put in the closet! Say good-bye to clothes that no longer fit, part ways with anything you’ve only worn once and pack away any seasonal items you’re not currently using. 

Cleaning out your closet is one of the best new year's resolutions for your home

9. Create better storage solutions.

Once you’ve gotten rid of clutter, it’s time to create some better storage solutions for your home. Look around your home for places that tend to collect clutter. That entryway table that ends up covered in mail. The desk in the living room that acts less like a workspace and more like a junk pile. That corner of the kitchen cabinet where everyone throws their stuff at the end of the day. Identify the storage needs for these trouble areas and then add some better storage and home organization solutions. If this New Year’s resolution for your home feels daunting, then consider hiring a professional organizer to help!

10. Clear out old dishes/mugs.

Let’s face it: we all have our favorite mug for coffee and tea. We definitely don’t need those 15 other mugs that people have gifted to us over the years. So why are they still taking up precious real estate in our closets?! In 2022, take some time to get rid of old dishes, mugs, glasses and kitchen appliances that are collecting more dust than actual use.

11. Finally hang that decor.

You totally meant to hang the family photos or that piece of beautiful art when you moved in. But now it’s been 5 years and they’re still in the attic. Make 2022 the year you finally hang those memories or that favorite decor! This is one of the most simple New Year’s resolutions for your home that also has a big impact.

12. Clean out the junk drawer.

Don’t try to tell us you don’t have a junk drawer! We all do. This year, tackle that junk and get rid of anything you don’t actually need. Then, create some better storage solutions for your home. Consider nesting baskets and small containers for inside the drawer that will keep items in order.

13. Switch to eco friendly products.

If you’re going to be cleaning more, you might as well switch to a product that is healthier for your family and the planet! Try switching out some conventional products for non-toxic cleaning products. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even try making your own natural cleaning products!

14. Upgrade your laundry space.

Even if you don’t have a laundry room, you can still make your laundry space work better for you. Make a New Year’s resolution for your home to finally upgrade that much-used space. Switch out open shelves above the washer and dryer for cabinets for a cleaner look and more storage. Add a wall-mounted drying rack for small spaces. Or simply add some fun decor to make it a little easier to spend your time folding laundry.

15. Schedule regular maintenance.

We all know we’re supposed to get our heating and cooling systems inspected and cleaned each year. But do we actually do it? Probably not as consistently as we should! In 2022, make staying on top of regular maintenance a top priority with this New Year’s resolution for homeowners.

16. Upgrade your outdoor space.

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s just how valuable our outdoor space is. Whether you have a large yard or just a small patio, make your outdoor space the best it can be in 2022! Invest in quality patio furniture, add a pergola for extra shade or consider investing in a hot tub or new patio. Feeling ambitious? You can even build your own patio! Not so much? A local property management company could help you determine your outdoor needs and connect you with talented contractors.

17. Add some fresh paint.

Painting a room (or multiple rooms) is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to upgrade a space in your home. In 2022, refresh a room you spend a lot of time in with a fresh coat of paint. Consider a calming neutral or go bold for a big change. This is one New Year’s resolution for your home that you won’t regret!

18. Consider simple renovations.

A whole-home renovation is no small task, but some simple changes can have a big impact. Consider turning that old vinyl shower into a beautiful tiled one. Add some new flooring in the laundry room. Or replace the dingy carpets in the living room. Even something really small can help your home feel fresh and new. 

19. Clean your carpets.

This may not be the most exciting of our New Year’s resolutions for your home, but it is a good one. Carpets carry the weight of our daily lives: dirty shoes, messy pets and spill-happy kids. Even weekly vacuuming can’t completely stop the build-up of dirt and grime on our carpets. Rent a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store or – even better – book some professional carpet cleaning services.

Carpet cleaning is one of the best new year's resolutions for your home

20. Clean out your closets.

You know all those boxes in the back of your closet? The ones you haven’t touched in years? It’s time for those to go! Clear out anything you’re not using (and likely never will) and make space for items you actually need. Closets are no good if there’s not room to store the stuff you actually need, so add this New Year’s resolution for homeowners to your 2022 goals.

21. Make space in the attic or basement.

While we’re talking about storage, in 2022 let’s stop shoving even more stuff into our attics and basements. Sure, they’re meant for storage. But that doesn’t mean you need to store everything you’ve ever owned! Set time aside to go through old boxes, containers and anything else you’re keeping in your attic and basement and make room for what’s actually worth saving.

22 Invest in luxury bedding.

This last one of our New Year’s resolutions for your home in 2022 is just for fun – because after all these other resolutions you’re going to deserve some amazing rest. There’s nothing quite like crawling into bed after a long day of cleaning and organizing and getting to rest your body on luxury sheets and an amazing pillow. Make your bed the haven it should be this year with some new bedding.

Start Tackling Your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Ready to start transforming your space and creating a happier home this year? Then get to work! Pick a few tasks to cross off your list first and then work through the full list throughout the year.

But of course, if this list feels a little too daunting, there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing some of these tasks to the professionals. If you’re in The Hamptons, consider A Votre Service’s house cleaning services, handyman services and property management services.

From personal errand running to gutter and window washing, we have the home services you need to achieve all your 2022 goals. Contact us today to get started.