A women grocery shops instead of using personal errand services

When the weather is warm and you’re enjoying a beautiful summer day on the beach or by the pool, the last thing you want to do is stop the fun to run errands. Luckily, that’s where personal errand services come in.

With errand running services in The Hamptons, you can get your errands taken care of without ever having to leave the house (or the beach). So whether your errands list is a mile long as you prepare for a party or you just want to take something off your already long to-do list, exploring personal errand services could be right for you.

Keep reading to learn more about errand, or accommodation, services and how they can help you make the most of your summer!

What Are Personal Errand Services?

Personal errand services are pretty straightforward. Instead of running your own errands – such as going to the grocery store or picking up dry cleaning – a paid service provider does those tasks for you. Many times, a house cleaning service provider may also provide errand services.

An errand services company can provide daily or weekly errand running services or short term services ahead of a big event. From mundane daily tasks to shopping, errand services can give you time back to get more done or just do what you love.

Concierge errand services are also helpful when you’re vacationing somewhere new. Instead of taking time away from your holiday and struggling to get around a new city or town, an errand services business can manage that for you – giving you the freedom to enjoy your time away.

Plants are watered by a red jug, part of personal errand services

List of Errand Services

If you’ve never tried personal errand services before, it may be a bit overwhelming to decide which tasks to outsource to a home services company like A Votre Service. But when it comes to errand running services, the sky is truly the limit!

Here are just some of the services you can expect:

  • Pick up and forward your mail: No more waiting in long post office lines!
  • Shop for groceries, beverages, linens, flowers, etc.: Whether you need a lot of items for a party or just day to day groceries, we can help!
  • Stock your refrigerator, arrange flowers, etc.: This is perfect for doing ahead of your arrival to a vacation house or when heading back home after vacation.
  • Meet and greet your service providers: Can’t be home when the plumber is coming? Errand providers can be there to greet them.
  • Care for your plants: Your plans don’t have to suffer while you’re on vacation.
  • Turn on or off your heat or A/C: Save energy while you’re not at home and come back to a cool house after a week of summer vacation.
  • Pet-sit your dog or cat: No more sending your pet to a crowded kennel.
  • Drop off and/or pick up your dry cleaning: Save time and make sure nothing gets forgotten!
  • Gift wrap your holiday presents or assemble toys, furniture, etc.: Enjoy the magic of the holiday season and leave the tedious parts to the professionals!
  • Do kitchen prep work and party service and cleanup: Actually enjoy your party by outsourcing the preparation and cleaning.

How to Choose a Personal Errand Services Company

If personal errand services sound like something that could help you enjoy your summer vacation (or any time of year) a little bit more, then it’s important to understand how to choose a company to take on your important (if boring) daily tasks.

Beyond doing a Google search to find the errand running services near you, one of the best ways to ensure you hire a quality company is to read customer reviews. Head to Google, Yelp, Angi or another local-based business directory to find information about concierge errand services businesses in your area and see what customers say about them.

Look for businesses with five star reviews whenever possible, and be sure to read the actual comments that customers have left about the business. Read through any negative reviews, too. While some may be from disgruntled customers, you may notice a pattern of common complaints. Pay attention to these when you make your decision.

You may also want to compare errand services pricing when choosing a company. Get quotes from a few local errand services companies before choosing your provider.

A woman looks over dry cleaning orders, part of personal errand services.

Ready to Get Started with Personal Errand Services in The Hamptons?

If you want to spend more time enjoying your family and the great outdoors this summer, then it might be time to get started with personal errand services. Why spend another moment in the dry cleaning line when you could be lounging by the pool or curling up with a great book?

If you’re in The Hamptons and looking for errand services, New York providers A Votre Service can help! We offer a broad range of errand and accommodation services to ensure all your needs are met (without taking up your precious time!).

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more.