1. 5 Window Cleaning Mistakes to AvoidWashing in direct sunlight or in the heat of the day. This can leave streaks on the windows. Instead, make sure to choose a cooler part of the day and a time when the sun is not directly shining on the window.
  2. Using paper towels to clean with. This can leave residue and debris on the window. The same is true for newspaper, which gets windows “squeaky” clean, but which can leave newsprint chemicals. Instead, try a gentle sponge and a squeegee, with a gentle scraper, if necessary, to remove heavier film or residue. Use a towel to help remove water from the squeegee.
  3. Using harsh chemicals to clean with. In our blog on May 16, we reported on how much we love vinegar as a general-purpose cleaner. It works on windows, too, and doesn’t leave harsh chemical residue on windows or frames. Make sure to rinse thoroughly, however, so it doesn’t remain sticky. Then squeegee away the water.
  4. Failing to allow the cleaner to remain on the window for long enough. In order to ensure that residue and dirt on a window is dissolved, allow your cleaner to set on the window, catching any drips before they hit the sill, before wiping it off.
  5. Not rinsing cleaner off of the window. To ensure no reside remains on the window, make certain to rinse with pure water after cleaning with a product, including vinegar. Note that this applies equally to both inside and outside windows.

5 Window Cleaning Mistakes to AvoidCaution: For delicate glass including stained glass, never use harsh products that could damage lead or paint.


5 Window Cleaning Mistakes to AvoidHelpful hint: Use a car glass-treatment product on home windows outside to keep windows clean and shiny and to bounce rain water away.

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