It may be hard to imagine, looking at the thermometer, but the calendar approaches spring! At A Votre Service, the premier housekeeping service on the East End, we’ve been getting ready with a little closet decluttering and by freshening up our web page. We hope that the new format is more user-friendly, and might even lead you to new ideas you hadn’t considered before.

As spring nears, it brings with it renewed enthusiasm for action. We’re less likely to bury ourselves under the covers and groan when we hear the alarm, and there’s more energy for creative projects and physical activity. Start lifting the heaviness that winter leaves in a closed-up house by opening a window for just a little while. Change your essential oil blends to lighter spring recipes. Our latest recipe is equal drops of lavender, grapefruit, and ylang-ylang. Put away the heaviest blankets and bring out lighter ones, and even start thinking about where to store the mittens and boots this year.

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If the weather is still not warm enough for a lot of outside time, what can you do with that creative energy from the comfort of home? Felting little birds or bunnies as small gifts for children? Embroidering a simple dress and scarf to make it a one-of-a-kind spring ensemble? There are adult coloring books everywhere you look. . . . It’s not too late to splurge on a set of markers and a book that speaks to you. These creative urges are a natural response to the change of season, and finding a satisfying outlet makes it a little easier to wait for the shorts and T-shirts that aren’t quite here yet.

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Our homes aren’t the only things that need to shake out the cobwebs of winter. According to Qigong Master Chunyi Lin, in spring our livers become more active. In order to support them, he says we want to add more green leafy vegetables (maybe think green spring, green food?). So, we can revitalize our brains and bodies with lots of clean water and fresh foods. Since the clocks “sprang forward” to give us more light later in the day, perhaps it’s even time to resume an evening walk?

March can be a challenging month, feeling like the depths of winter one moment, and promising warm breezes the next. Whether you’re recovering from the antics of mischievous leprechauns, or preparing for the April holidays, you can be sure that our team is here to support you with the same dependable and reliable service we’ve provided for over 20 years including our signature personal touch and responsiveness.

Happy spring!