Someone once said the reason that so many great artists, poets, and writers hailed from the northeast was the long winters. Piles of snow limited outdoor tasks, and food had been preserved and placed in the pantry the previous autumn. What was probably a quite boring time provided endless opportunities for introspection and creativity.


Although we have electronics now, winter is still a slower season with much more down time. When spring arrives, we begin to kick into a higher gear, a more hurried pace, and, if we’re not focused, we can burn out quickly. Recent Amazon marketing displayed pages of chore choices that were completely daunting. “Hurry! Clean and update your house, repaint it, plant the garden, buy new clothes for spring. Oh, and don’t forget to work out because you’re going to need to be in a bikini in just a few short weeks!” Surely there are ways to begin to enjoy the lovely weather without overwhelming ourselves with busyness and stifling our creative energies.

Begin with teaching your family to practice the mindful “no.” Not every invitation, baseball game, and “great opportunity” for the kids or for yourself needs to be acted upon. Children can be sent outside to play without having every one of their (and your) minutes scheduled. Using our free time to create or simply putter can be the best part of a day!


Spend an afternoon of spring showers checking through your closet. How many items do you no longer love? Free yourself by donating them to someone else. Then look at what’s left. Can you update them with a new scarf, purse, or pair of shoes without having to spend hours trying on clothes that are not significantly different than what you already own?

Lovely weather draws us outside, and beautiful landscaping is something we all appreciate. But does it have to be perfect, or rival the latest magazine issue? Instead, perhaps you can resist the urge to take on a monumental project. Can you hire someone to update your beds with annuals, and fill a pot or two while enjoying the birdsong? Or can it be something the whole family does one afternoon, as a joyful expression of creation, instead of another chore on the to-do list?


As for that bikini body, don’t buy into the pressure! A healthy and fit body is a terrific goal. How can you support that for yourself? Increase evening walks? Take a yoga class? Get up a little earlier and run before starting the day? No matter what you choose, do it with an eye toward good health and self-care, instead of the “not good enough” attitude that so many magazines instill.

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