A clean pool thanks to Hamptons vacation rental turnover cleaning services

Don’t spend your weekends cleaning your rental property or corporate housing—let A Votre Service! do vacation rental turnover cleaning in The Hamptons for you. Regardless of the length of your tenants’ stay, or the amount of post-rental cleaning needed on the grounds and inside, our dedicated team is at the ready to assist. Here are our top five in-demand turnover and corporate housing services:

1. Complete, all-purpose house cleaning: We clean your home from top to bottom, paying special attention to any areas of concern—windows or yard debris after a storm, pool and pool area, barbecue/outdoor grill/tank, floors and tracked sand, accumulated garbage, sleeping areas, kitchens, baths—to make sure your rental home greets each new guest with a sparkle. As part of this Hamptons vacation home cleaning service, we will clean your refrigerator and perform full appliance cleaning.

2. Bedding and linen replacement: We launder and replace linens and bedding, including sheets, blankets, pillowcases and shams, bath and kitchen towels, and pool towels. With this part of our vacation rental turnover cleaning service, your guests can use linens without worrying about bringing their own, and you never need to stress about having enough clean for the next guests.

Flowers stand in a pot next to a front gate, a welcome set up as part of Hamptons vacation rental turnover cleaning services

3. Property check/security deposit refund check: As par of our vacation rental turnover cleaning services, we perform a complete grounds check, inside and out, ensuring no damage or needed cleanup. If we find areas of concern or broken items, we photograph them and report immediately to you, the homeowner, and then manage any necessary repairs at your direction. As part of this, we read utility meters for usage and report to you. We serve as your eyes so you can confidently refund security deposits to your renters. Truly, our services go far beyond just vacation rental turnover cleaning!

4. Grounds maintenance: We trim your property’s hedges, mow your lawn, and clean the grounds surrounding your home areas per your requirements, to ensure the first thing greeting your clients is a well-maintained outdoor area.

beautiful flower bed pruned as part of Hamptons vacation rental turnover cleaning services

5. Hotel touch!:
At your request, we add those special touches that make guests feel especially welcome and keep them coming back, from leaving a bottle of wine on the counter or fresh flowers throughout the house, to arranging new hotel-size toiletries such as soaps and shampoos in the bathroom, and turning down the beds. We also turn on lights in advance of guests’ arrival, and can hide a key in accordance with your instructions.

We will work on your timeline! Let us know when your guests are scheduled to leave and your new guests are scheduled to arrive; if there is a short window of time in between, we are staffed to fully meet or exceed your expectations. If you are running an AirBNB, we are happy to help as well. Extra services needed? Let us know! Contact us today to learn more about our vacation rental turnover cleaning services in The Hamptons.