Our property management services can help you maintain your Hamptons home. What, you ask, might this entail? Let us begin with a comparison to one of the great emblems of life in the States, the Statute of Liberty (or La Liberté éclairant le monde), which was dedicated in this in this month in 1886. As you are probably aware, the outer “skin” of the statue is made of copper. In 1900 a green patina (or verdigris) began to form on the statue, a result of oxidation; by 1906 the statue was entirely covered. Here are two before and after images:

statue of liberty and preservation akin to home maintenance

Naturally, the statue is inspirational on many levels, but it does call to mind the need for preservation and maintenance. As the winter approaches, now is a good time to see to it that all things in and around your own house are prepared to weather those dreary months. Has everything from the summer been properly stored away? Let the experienced staff of A Votre Service! safely secure all your possessions. Are there any outstanding repairs that need attending? Is your outdoor deck in good condition? Our qualified handymen can make sure everything is as good as new. It’s also a good time to tackle all those projects you have put off during the festive summer months. One excellent project is tidying up the garage, attic, or basement. We can help you get rid of the old, and efficiently organize all your belongings with our home organization services. And trust me, you really don’t want spring to come and find your garage like this:

home organization services

Why not give our property management services a try today?