Does everyone know the story of Kevin from the movie Home Alone? Poor Kevin, the youngest child in the McCallister family, is accidentally left all alone at Christmas time while the rest of the family flies to Paris (in French, the title of the movie is Maman, j’ai raté l’avion, which we can translate as, Mom, I missed the plane!—I can do a whole blog on translating of movie titles into another language, but I digress). You can see the trailer here in English,, and here in French, What’s worse is that a pair of thieves, the dreaded “Wet Bandits,” decide to target the house! (Not to worry, there’s a happy ending.)

House Watching Fact and Fiction

Naturally, this is quite the cautionary tale which is why I recommend you consider A Votre Service’s house watching services if you will be away from your Hamptons home for any period of time. Our staff will check the security system, take in the mail or packages, replace batteries/light bulbs, and check all timer-activated lights and sensors. All this is in addition to our monitoring your home for any other issues. If anything looks suspicious or out of the ordinary, we will contact you immediately.

So if you wish to spend the holidays in Paris, relax—your home will be taken care of…just don’t forget the kids!