Happy July 4th!Ever look in your grill with fear that the “peeling paint” under the top hood might be a sign you need a replacement? It is most likely only a buildup of carbon from the accumulated smoke and grease of using the grill, according to RealSimple.com. Instead of tossing, it is time to clean your grill. Here’s how.

Start with a slightly warm grill, turned off, of course.

Remove the rack and, using foil to protect the heating elements if they are exposed, brush down the inside of the grill—top, sides, and areas around the heating elements. A stainless steel brush is great. You can also replace the rack temporarily and brush it as well with a wire brush; remember to brush both sides.

Happy July 4th!Remove the burner protectors and scrub them next. You can soak them and the rack to help loosen grime—a mixture of soap and water is all that is needed, but vinegar can also be used in a mixture with equal parts of water. You can spray the vinegar directly onto the various grill parts, or you can try soaking in a mixture of equal parts vinegar to equal parts baking soda. One site recommends doing this within a closed plastic bag overnight. See http://cleaning.lovetoknow.com/Cleaning_BBQ_Grill_with_Vinegar

Next, gently wipe down the burners with a soapy sponge, and also all interior surfaces after they’ve been scraped. Again, you can use a direct application of vinegar instead or in addition, and even use a small piece of foil or a cleaning pad to help gently scrub away grime.

Remove the plates followed by the drip pan underneath, and scrape off as much buildup as possible from both. It isn’t necessary to be perfect—unless you have the time. Learning how to clean your grill isn’t complicated, and it’s well worth the extra effort to keep your grill running properly for longer!

And a reminder that A Votre Service! Hamptons property management has the time if you don’t—call today to schedule regular cleanings.

Happy July 4th!

Now, replace all of the parts, and you’re ready to dazzle your guests with some delicious grilled meals. How about lobster, polenta, eggplant, or even watermelon for some unusual grilled dishes sure to be conversation starters? For other unusual grilling ideas, check out http://www.aol.com/food/20-things-you-didnt-know-you-could-grill/

What are you grilling this Independence Day?