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With the lengthening days, the dream of beach season is real. Start now to prepare your Hamptons rental property so you can confidently book your tenants.

  1. Inspect the grounds around your property and make any needed repairs.

Have any animals made their homes in or around your property during the winter? Are any exterior areas in need of repair or painting? Is the pool area damaged or ready for use? Have any trees fallen that need to be removed?

  1. Inspect the interior and make similar repairs.

Have any pipes burst? Are there any unwelcome guests of the rodent variety? Any cracked windows? Any windows in need of sealing? Do all air conditioners or the central air units function?

  1. Prepare for touch-up painting, both inside and out.

Has winter brought shifts and cracks? Do you want to freshen up a room or maybe shutters? Perhaps your fence needs a shine?

  1. Complete a thorough Spring cleaning inside and outside the property.

Clean top to bottom, including dust removal, linen replacement, kitchen and bathroom scrubbing, and carpet cleaning. Clean windows, walls, remove cobwebs, and sand and polish wood floors. Polish marble foyers, and clean chandeliers. 

  1. Add the finishing touches that will welcome your guests.

Prepare a schedule for outside lawn maintenance and flower bed care, plan for fresh flowers inside and a well-stocked pantry, if included with your rental. Plan also for cleanup services between tenants.


We at A Votre Service! are fully licensed and bonded, and available to help with all of your property management and cleaning needs. Our handymen are at the ready, along with our experienced and trustworthy staff. Why not call us today? Contact us.