The long-awaited holidays are here! Whether you are spinning the dreidel, awaiting Santa Claus or the birth of Jesus, celebrating the solstice, or creating new traditions, there is a sense of anticipation, of the miraculous unfolding.


For a few short weeks, people of all beliefs and political leanings come together to celebrate innocence. We treasure the enthusiasm of the children as they marvel over light displays, wrapped packages, and feasts. We take the time to consider one another, to give to one another, and to make things beautiful around us. This is the time of year when we include an extra donation to our favorite charities, and when we stop to acknowledge the services of those around us who make our lives easier: the mail carrier, the snowplow driver, our manicurist.



This is also the time when we celebrate! Whether it’s a family gathering or an office party, there is likely to be lots of food and drink. This year, before you take that first bite, pause for a moment. Notice the beauty of the home, the twinkle in people’s eyes; and realize how happy they all are to share this time with you. As you honor those with you, as well as those who have moved on, remember how precious this time is, and how fleeting.


For some, the season can be difficult. If you know you are one who struggles, plan ahead to attend an event in an area you love. Maybe buy a ticket to the ballet, or a concert, or see the Rockettes; make a lunch date with friends, and don’t cancel. Or consider volunteering to serve at a soup kitchen or sign up to eat a meal with a church group. Volunteer to help wrap presents at a hospital, and offer to help distribute them to patients. Gather a few friends and sing carols at a hospital or senior center. Giving of ourselves is one of the best ways to leave depression behind and make a difference for others!

If you are a lucky one who thrives this season, consider reaching out to those who might be lonely. Drop by unannounced with a gift, or call ahead and bring lunch. As a friend over, take an elderly person to church or synagogue and sit with them, or drive an older friend to a day at the mall or spa.


We here at A Votre Service! Hamptons Housecleaning Service raise a glass to you, our wonderful clients and friends. We thank you for a wonderful year, for your kindnesses, for opening your homes to us, and for your support. We appreciate each and every one of you. Cheers!