Rebuilding your deck? Gutting your kitchen? Installing a pool? Whatever your dream project for this season, large or small, we at AVS understand that renovations can be a challenge. Projects extend beyond their deadlines, materials are delayed. The best of crews run into unexpected issues. When you find yourself crunched for time emerging from your home renovation project, or overwhelmed in the midst of it all, let our expert staff assist with construction cleanup and house cleaning. We will take care of all cleanup, freeing you to focus on more important things…like how to best enjoy the Hamptons sun and fun.


And to protect yourself as you head outdoors for the active life after a long winter, whether marching in a Memorial Day parade or sunbathing or hosting an outside event, a few reminders: 

  1. Wear sunglasses! Did you know that eyes can actually get sunburned? Blue eyes are far more vulnerable to this than brown eyes, but anyone can damage their eyesight with extreme sun exposure, including when light reflects off the water or even off of windows (another reason to let AVS do your window cleaning!). Look for glasses with CE or UV400 ratings to ensure actual protection. Remember that sunglasses’ darkness doesn’t equate to protection—and in fact, can cause more harm by dilating your pupils without protecting them, leading to cataracts and other damage. Inexpensive glasses are fine, as long as they are rated for safety.
  2. Not all hats are the same! Finding a great hat that also protects from the sun’s rays can be a challenge; many trendy styles don’t offer much protection. Check for a hat’s UVA/UVB rating to ensure you are purchasing wisely and can be confident in your safety. 
  3. Consider sunscreen. Many people are sensitive to the harsh chemicals in some commercial sunscreens, so if you’re one of them, perhaps it’s time to do some experimenting now, before you’re desperate for protection and end up with a rash. Long-sleeved UVA/UVB swimwear is another good choice.
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  5. Post-sun skin care is important. The sun dries out skin, so stay hydrated! Drinking lots of clean fresh water, maybe with a slice of lemon to alkalinize your body, is the first step to healthy skin from the inside out. There are a lot of after-sun skin care products on the market, or you can make your own by using any base you like and adding healing oils. The latest we’ve seen is a calendula cream base with added rose hip, chamomile, and sandalwood oils. After you’ve been swimming, rinse with clean, fresh water, and slather it on. You’ll smell great, and your skin will glow.
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  7. Treat sunburn, inside and out. Start with a cool bath that includes apple cider vinegar, or dab vinegar directly on a burn using a cotton pad. (If you don’t have apple cider vinegar, you can use iced black tea.) After the skin has cooled (via a cold compress or cool bath), you can begin the healing process by applying lavender or chamomile essential oils. Other oils to include are helichrysum, mugwort, and sage. You can easily make these yourself, or find a blend from your local health food store. Remember not to apply these until the skin has cooled! Lastly, you may want to increase your intake of vitamins C and E while your skin is healing. Finally, avoid using citrus oils in outdoor bug-repellant candles, as they can make your skin more susceptible to burning.