What can the Hamptons’ premier housekeeping service offer besides vacuuming and dusting? For us, housecleaning is just the tip of the iceberg! We offer a full panoply of errands and accommodating services.

But what exactly is an “accommodating service”? Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines accommodating as “willing to please, helpful, obliging (willing to do favors).” Here at A Votre Service!, our highest priority is you, the client. There is no service related to your Hamptons home that we cannot assist you with. Below are some of our lesser-known but favorite errands and accommodating services.

1. First, the obvious. As part of our house-watching services, we will pick up and/or forward your mail. This is especially useful if you’d rather not let others know you will be away, or if you come and go often and want to avoid the hassle of dealing with lines and processing delays at the USPS. Our discreet and trustworthy team will personally protect your privacy while ensuring your mail is ready for you.

2. We can care for your plants, too, indoors or outside. Don’t fret about this one; we’ve got it covered. We can also regulate your heat or air conditioning for you should the weather be unpredictable during your absence.


3. Have pets? No problem. We love pet-sitting whether you are away during the day only or for extended absences. We know how loved your pets are and we work to ensure they are well cared for according to your instructions.

4. Shopping for groceries and beverages and stocking your refrigerator is our pleasure. We can also shop for linens, flowers, and other items that might help with your daily routine or in combination with rental turnovers for your rental property or corporate housing.

5. We will meet and greet service providers in your absence. Don’t want to waste a beach day waiting for utility providers or other contractors? We can coordinate on your behalf. Give us instructions and rest assured the task will be done.

6. Check off your errand list with our dry-cleaning pick up and drop off service. Tired of wasting time running this errand? Let us do it for you with our door-to-door delivery!

7. Have a large holiday or corporate event looming? Call us to gift wrap your holiday presents, coordinate event gift bags, or assemble toys or furniture. Dislike these details? Leave them to us!

8. We can help with wait staff or food prep for your next party or event, large or small. We can also set up the grounds or party space, serve guests at your party, and clean up following the event. Forget something for your dinner party? Call us!


Here at A Votre Service!, we are most willing to please you, the client. While we’ve compiled our own list, you may have additional chores you would like to delegate. Please call our dependable and trustworthy staff today and let us assist you with your daily Hamptons routine.

We look forward to hearing from how we can best help you!